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just as nature 

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Give your skin a daily treat

Goat milk and honey soap

Our ever gentle goat milk soap with honey and oats is dear to majority of our customers. It is suitable for dry, itchy, sensitive skin and provides relief from eczema.


handmade scrubs to suit every mood

Experience our all natural handmade scrubs. Exfoliate, relax and revitalize your skin 

Natural & Simple

All our products are natural and handmade in our factory in Kira, Uganda using simple and effective formulae. We care about you, so only sell products that we use ourselves. We care about the community, so source as many inputs as we can locally.

We care for the environment and are on our way to plastic free and reduced waste packaging. We are now working hard to get your skincare goodies to a retailer near you....wherever you are.

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“I just love your products. I now have both my baby and husband using them too. We'll be telling everyone we know!”

clara, kampala


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